Category: Australian Iconic Brands
Award level: Winner

The word ‘iconic’ has few more accurate applications than the Hills Hoist rotary clothes line. Nothing says Australian backyard more clearly than this invention that reinvented the way Australians completed an everyday household chore.

Hills Home Living General Manager Chris O’Sullivan says whenever he talks to people about the brand, it always brings a smile to their faces. “Its iconic status makes it instantly recognisable to Australians,” he says. “The Hills Hoist reminds them of fond childhood memories playing in the backyard.”

Today, after more than 70 years in business, Hills is now a diversified manufacturer of products that feature the same high standards of quality, reliability and simple practical usefulness Australians expect from Hills.

This year Hills is releasing a new range of watering products, including hoses, nozzles, sprinklers, fixtures and fittings – and just like the celebrated rotary clothes line, they will become backyard essentials.


Female, 35-39, VIC

“Who didn’t grow up with one of these? We all swung recklessly from the hoist, yet it never broke no matter what we did! So safe, domestic and non-threatening.”

Male, 25-29, NSW

“They are very iconic and well known around the world.”

Female, 40-44, WA

“Great Australian product built for our environment and lasts for a lifetime.”