Category: Coffee Machines
Award level: Winner

Taking cues from the commercial coffee world, Breville’s innovative award-winning coffee machines integrate professional technology and features that enable coffee lovers to create caféquality coffee at home.

Australians first experienced commercially inspired coffee machines in 2012 with the Breville Dual Boiler™, which precisely controls coffee temperature and pressure throughout the extraction process, delivering optimum flavour while steaming milk at the same time.

Breville’s multi-award winning Oracle® was the first automatic manual coffee machine that brought true café quality to the home without a barista, by automating the most complex parts of espresso making – grinding, dosing, tamping and milk texturing. The Oracle® White Glove Service provides one-on-one in-home training to help the user achieve the best in-home coffee experience with ease and confidence.

Features unique to Breville coffee machines include low pressure pre-infusion, to gently expand the coffee grinds prior to extraction and release delicate coffee oils for a balanced espresso, and PID temperature control, to deliver precise water temperature to the coffee for a more consistent flavour.


Female, 30-34, VIC

“Great reputation… makes quality coffee machines.”

Female, 45-49, QLD

“The brand I use at home.”

Female, 25-29, VIC

“Produces the best coffee.”

Female, 40-44, VIC

“A true, tried and tested Australian appliance company.”

Female, 25-29, VIC

“Truly a joy to use.”