Bosch Gardening

Category: Gardening Equipment
Award level: Winner

Trust is earned over time. Since arriving in this country in 1907, the Bosch brand has made a strong name for itself, building a reliable reputation on a strong German engineering foundation. Now, after winning the Highly Commended award for two years, Bosch Lawn and Garden has been awarded the Most Trusted Brand in the category, cementing its place as an Australian gardening favourite.

With a wide range of quality cordless and corded tools, Bosch Lawn and Garden has a tool for every need, from mowing, leaf blowing and shredding to hedgecutting and shrub trimming. The company’s history of innovation shines through in products like the Keo cordless garden saw: not only do its Swiss precision blades offer effortless cutting, its detachable ‘A-grip’ holds unsupported branches up to 80 mm, meaning you can work one-handed.

From lawn mowers to chainsaws, and everything in between, Bosch Lawn and Garden has you 100% covered for whatever the garden throws your way.


Female, 25-29, QLD

“I use Bosch products for my gardening equipment where possible. I find Bosch to be better quality and reasonably priced.”

Male, 45-49, QLD

“Has the best technology, design and build quality.”

Female, 60-64, TAS

“My husband and I love gardening so we have lots of products. This brand never lets us down.”