Category: Sugar Substitutes
Award level: Winner

Even the most diet-conscious Australians know that a sweet treat once in a while can do you the world of good.

With a low-calorie alternative sweetener like Equal, you can have your cake and eat it, too. The No. 1 sweetener in Australia – and in many other countries around the world – Equal has been offering consumers that classic sweet taste for more than three decades, without the calories of sugar.

And while Equal may be low on calories, it’s certainly high on convenience; portion-controlled sachets, powders and tablets have proven an extra boon for healthy-minded eaters who are wary of overindulgence.

The recent addition of a line of Equal Liquid sweeteners in two great flavours, Simply Sweet and Very Vanilla has given customers even more to be excited about – ideal for that quick hit of sweetness in your tea, coffee or smoothies. And Equal Liquid’s no-drip, no-fuss bottle gives time-poor consumers even more reason to make the switch from sugar.

Equal has also worked hard to engage customers with a series of online recipes and cooking videos designed to inspire viewers to experiment with this quality low-calorie sweetener in new and interesting ways.


Male, 18-24, VIC

“Equal is used by my friends and family and the taste of equal is no different to normal sugar.”

Female, 45-49, TAS

“I have used equal for many years, since I was diagnosed as a diabetic.”

Female, 18-24, QLD

“Equal is commonly used in professional settings, such as restaurants which indicates a level of trust.”