Category: Honey
Award level: Winner

Starting out as a small family business in 1953, Capilano Honey has grown to become Australia’s favourite honey.

Supported by a network of more than 500 beekeeping families, the iconic Capilano brand retains a 100% Australian made status through their pure and natural honey, free of refined sugars, preservatives and additives – perfect for adding a bit of sweetness to a healthy diet.

Capilano offers a large selection of premium products, from boutique floral honey to therapeutic Manuka honey and even Light & Mild – a blend specially for kids!

As well as supplying Aussies with delicious honey, Capilano is the largest contributor to the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC), which is focused on the prosperity and sustainability of Australia’s bees. This involvement places Capilano at the forefront of bee welfare, while continuing to provide Australia with healthy, high quality honey.


Female, 70-74, VIC

“I always use Capilano – believe it to be one of the best!”

Male, 30-34, NSW

“I have known of this brand for a long time. I have had only good experiences with their product and remember the brand from my childhood.”

Male, 18-24, WA

“It’s simply the best-tasting honey brand out there.”