Cancer Council

Category: Sunscreen
Award level: Winner

Australians love the sun, but the sun doesn’t always love them back. Skin cancer is an all-too common problem, but Cancer Council has a range of sunscreens for every budget and every family.

Cancer Council Australia Licensing Manager Vivienne Mellish says, “Cancer Council sunscreens feel, look and smell great on the skin so Australians can feel comfortable using them every day.”

The Ultra Sunscreen range now comes in a dry-touch format that feels light and clean on the skin. Cancer Council also offers a wide range of aerosol sunscreens – popular with men and teenagers – and a Sport Foam Spray that’s ideal for all forms of water sports. All provide the highest levels of protection.

Face Day Wear Matte is a lightweight, non-shiny formulation that can also be used under make-up. “This 2-in-1 product hydrates skin as well as protecting it,” says Mellish. And for little ones, the Peppa Pig Kids SPF50+ makes it so much more appealing to play safe.

Not just a top Australian brand, all Cancer Council royalties go to cancer research, patient support and education. No wonder it has our trust.


Female, 65-69, VIC

“The name says it all. Brand does what it says with people’s health their main concern.”

Female, 18-24, QLD

“I trust this brand the most as it is approved by the Cancer Council, which means extensive research has been done on this product.”

Female, 65-69, SA

“Cancer Council always provides the best products to ensure everyone is safe and well protected.”