Breville Kitchen

Category: Small Kitchen Appliances
Award level: Winner

Breville has secured its position as the leading kitchen appliances brand across a wide range of categories, from food processors and benchtop ovens to sandwich presses, with innovative features and award-winning designs.

Toast with confidence thanks to Breville’s clever ‘Lift & Look’, ‘A Bit More’ and ‘Fruit Bread’ settings; open kettles elegantly with soft-open lids; brew any tea to perfection with the fully automatic Tea Maker™, and squeeze every drop of juice from any type of citrus fruit using the Citrus Press™.

Take all the guesswork out of flavourful meals using the Breville Fast Slow Pro™, a fully automatic pressure and slow cooker that adjusts time, temperature and pressure for you between fast and slow cooking. Or slow cook with ease using the Flavour Maker® that first captures rich caramelised flavours using the EasySear™ pan on the stove top, then transfers to the slow cooker.

Breville’s award-winning benchtop oven, the Smart Oven™ Pro, now also comes with a slow cook feature, plus Element IQ™ – the technology that controls heating elements to suit whatever you’re cooking.


Male, 30-34, VIC

“I love the quality of Breville products; they last forever.”

Female, 60-64, NSW

“The best investment I’vemade.”

Female, 50-54, NSW

“I trust it better than any other brand.”