Category: Vitamins & Supplements
Award level: Winner

Getting the right Vitamins and minerals in your diet is important, but Blackmores knows health doesn’t stop there.

While every Blackmores product is made with only quality ingredients and rigorous quality checks, the brand also seeks to improve the health of its customers through education.

For more than 80 years Blackmores has combined traditional naturopathic expertise with scientific research to help people achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Every year the brand continues to build on that expertise by investing in research and education to give its customers access to highly qualified health advisors for advice. It has recently employed more naturopathic advisors and extended its free hotline operating hours.

Respecting the link between healthy people and a healthy planet, Blackmores continues to minimise its impact on the environment with sustainable packaging and wastereduction practices, and supporting the community through numerous social activities and charitable contributions.


Female, 45-49, NSW

“Blackmores always has reliable products that our family uses. We trust this company and its product range.”

Male, 50-54, TAS

“They have an excellent reputation for providing a quality product.”

Male, 25-29, NSW

“They have a wide range of vitamins which cover my needs.”