Banana Boat

Category: Sunscreen
Award level: Highly Commended

Why is a brand like Banana Boat so well regarded among consumers? Because it resonates so perfectly with our desire to spend more time outdoors having fun in the sun – and to do so in safety and comfort.

Banana Boat’s extensive range of quality sunscreens and after-sun products are designed to encourage Australians of all ages to lead more active, fulfilling, outdoor lives, all while delivering the utmost safety and protection from moment to moment.

Having introduced Australia to its first SPF 50+ sunscreen in a handy aerosol format – as well as a range of ‘cooling’ sunscreens – this year Banana Boat has launched its lightweight SPF 50+ SunComfort Lotion Sunscreen that allows sand to easily brush off.

When it comes to the sun, it’s no secret Australians are exposed to some of the harshest conditions in the world. That’s why a trusted sunscreen brand must offer a quality product that goes the extra mile. So there’s good reason why Banana Boat is also Australia’s most recognised and No. 1 selling sunscreen brand.


Male, 25-29, QLD

“It’s the brand I’ve used the most. Does the job best.”

Female, 65-69, SA

“Good for all ages and stays on your skin a lot better than some other brands.”

Female, 45-49, WA

“Very good coverage, long lasting, pleasant scent, and non-greasy.”